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21 September 2009 @ 06:11 pm
I took a lil' bit new pics. . . . . :---------------------D

. .  got n o t h i n g else to say.



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19 September 2009 @ 11:43 am

My friend Heli came back home from Japan this week and. . . well brought me some girugamesh stuff. :-----------------D ♥
I was so freaked out when I got these, some of them I knew already 'cos I had paid for them but anyways!

the pic is a little bad quality so there's:
a Wristband + Keychain

2x girugamesh -bag (plastic & normal ones)
And along with the normal bag came a wallet that has bandmembers drawings on!

Then there's a little flyers too, including:
4x girugamesh

Ahh, I love them. ♥
Tho' next time someone of my friends go to Japan (before I do) and if they have a chance to bring me something I'll give them like 1000 euros with. :----------------D

I'm so happy with these and I can't thank Heli enough. ;__; ♥

Otherways I'm fine too, just havin' a bit flu but it's going to pass soon! Hopefully. . . I also cutted my hair and colored it a bit last week, you can't see it properly on those pics but that's all i got until now. :------D They didn't change that much.

18 days -> MUCC's Oneman @ Helsinki Tavastia
28 days -> SCREW' s Oneman @ Helsinki Gloria + Tsukicon!
(inculding SCREW's Q&A + signingsession!)
Can't wait~!

Lateeeeer ! 
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16 September 2009 @ 06:56 pm

I want to spend my time of lovin' you forever

I'm going down on my,
knees for you.

Come on trust in my words,
give me your heart back again.

I wanna be all the world to you
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They're going to release new album in THIS DECEMBER!!!
Faster than I expected gosh I'm too excited!! ♥ 
I can't wait to hear it & also I have the littlest hope that they will do an overseas tour soon too ;------)
well, not soon, but after the release! 'Cos that's what they've done e v e r y t i m e since "girugamesh" was released. . .
I'll keep on waiting~

A L S O :

they put "crying rain" 's song + pv previews to OHP.
And I gotta say. .  . These guys never fail. N e v e r.
It sounds so god damn amazing that I almost literally cried my eyes out.
Gosh I love girugamesh more than a n y t h i n g on this freaking planet.
This kind of stuff just can't exist, it's T O O amazing.
I cried even more 'cos when I was listening to "crying rain", it was raining outside and it fit into the moment so well that I cried even more. Gosh I'm so confused.

I'll just stop pouring this up 'cos I think no one's interested how much I love them or how freaked out I am right now. :----------D

Just so you know. . Listen to the preview. And buy the single. And the new album. You won't be disapointed.

I love this shit.

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24 August 2009 @ 06:52 pm
Noticed it has been a while since I posted an entry. :-----D

So I decided to post something now. . . + a few new pics

My school started last week! Second week is going on  now, and I can't believe I'm srsly saying this, but I'm really having fun & good time! Perhaps it's 'cos I have very cool & nice friends there and we are having so much fun. ♥ I never could've thought I could have fun @ s c h o o l , haha!
Tho' I'm sure the limit is coming ahead, the part where I'm really getting tired of it, but I have this smallest hope I won't pass that line this year. ;-----) The studying is not so hard @ 10th grade as I thought, or maybe the hardest part is ahead too. . . I just wish I'm able to raise my grades. .  That's not impossible. . .
Also, the school I'm at is so much different from the one I was at before, it's so much more relaxed etc & all the people there are really nice. ´wwww` Not to mention few selfish jerks. . . They're really not a problem anymore, 'cos I love all the people I've got to know there. ♥ 

Otherways I'm just fine. \o/ Thing are finally going the way they really should.
And there's only 44 days to go to MUCC's gig, and 54 to Tsukicon & SCREW's gig. ♥
Gonna have so much fun there~!

I'm also thinkin' of going to see abingdon boys school in November but not sure yet. . Depends on money this time. .
Well there's time to go until that so it's not such a hurry to decide. .

Anyways, this is pretty much it. . . Something how I'm doing. :--------D
Try to write again sooner this time, haha.

OH I also had my girugamesh -hoodie today FINALLY. ♥

Lateeeer ~

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I still don't feel good, I thought this shit would be over, that it wouldn't even last after Saturday night.
But I was wrong. Again.

I have to write this here. To clear up my mind etc. You probably won't read this ever, and if you do, you'll probably realize this is you who I'm writin' about. But if you read this, please come to me first. And then let's clear things up if you think it's needed. And don't take this too personally, I'm not mad and I'm certainly NOT blaming you about anything, I'm just confused and sad.

You didn't do anything wrong, that's not the point. The point is you really didn't do anything. You said things to me that made me happy, you promised me stuff. . And then I don't know what the heck happened. Suddenly I just felt like I'm nothing to you. Not nothing, but not same person as you said I am to you. Now I've just started to wonder, were you ever sure about anything you felt. I won't get an answer to that probably ever. I'm not even sure do I wanna hear.  I believed everything you said, I still do, that's also not the point. I trusted you and now I feel like I trusted too much. Not that I think you will gossip about me or something like that though there's nothing to gossip. I just wonder was it good for me too spread up that much. 'Cos now it seems like this won't work out. I thought it would, I really really thought. But now I don't know anymore. Even how much I try to figure it out. I really don't know.  And that is because I don't have a damn clue what are y o u thinking and what are y o u  doing.
I just wished you would have told me where are we, where is this going, 'cos I tried to ask that from you. Not directly, so you probably didn't get it. But the thing is, you really didn't tell me anything. Now it feels like you didn't really trust me like you said you do. Or that you deceived me. I still know you, not too well yet, but I really don't believe you did that on purpose. I still want to think that all the things you said to me were true and that you never wanted to hurt me.
But you did. You hurt me big time. I just wish so damn much you didn't do that on purpose. 
I'm not mad at you. Not at all. I'm just wounded, not much, but enough to feel bad. You probably won't even think I could be hurt because of this.. 'Cos I think you eather don't know what happened. If you do, oh god if you do, I just wish you would have told me where the hell are we. The main thing I am hurt of. . . is that I really don't know what the fuck happened.
Now when I think of all the small things I wen't through with you. . It feels like just a dream. A dream that I just wished to become true.  If it was just a stupid dream, it was the best ones I've ever had. 

Two of my bestfirends I talked about this with made me realize that it's not worth of cry because of this. Not like you are not worth of it. Just no decent reason to cry. I realized it for a day or two. Then I started to cry my damn feelings out. Only. . Because I don't know what the hell happened. 

What did I do wrong, seriously.
It has to be up to me. 

However, I'm not gonna cry after you no longer, 'cos life goes on. I'm really not the strongest person when it comes to things that suck in life, but these things really train me somehow to be stronger. I just hope this will soon be over and we can continue like before. Not in the same way I think. Or I don't know. Seriously darling, it's up to you. I still hope you will clear this up to me someday, 'cos I wanna know when to go on. 

It may sound foolish, real foolish. . But I still have a small hope that someday. . . Well, maybe someday. You gotta remember I still care. I care too much. 

I miss you. 

'Aisuru kotode kizutsukunonara mou nanimo iranai'
Sonna kotoba Haitatte Hora mou Motometeru. .

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12 August 2009 @ 11:32 am
I'm posting this now, 'cos my lj hasn't worked in awhile so. .

Anyways, we had a birthdayparty of two of my best friends Viivi & Ane  this weekend ~! There were kinda lots of people and we had sososo much fun ! I didn't know everyone there, most of them yes, but I got to know to those too who I hadn't met ever before !

After the parties, my bestfriend Rika came to my place ~ She was supposed to say one night, but ended up to leave on Tuesday. :-------D We had fun too, though she was a bit sick!

I love our group.

Next parties → Maria's birthday ~! I can't wait!

From left to right  → Jaska, Me, Rika & Tido ♥
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12 August 2009 @ 11:26 am
 Yay !! ♥

My 'overindulge' came already yesterday, but Gen -polaroid came today. *____*
You can't see it clearly on this pic 'cos my camera naturally sucks, but his face is priceless, I can tell you that, haha. :--------D I love it. 

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06 August 2009 @ 02:07 pm
It arrived home today. ;__; ♥

(Ignore An Café, it's just Vinyl Syndicate which was in the packet too, they just happen to be on the cover. :------------D)

I don't know why I cried so much while opening the packet, maybe it's just a bit moving day today or smthg. :--------D

The striped "girugamesh BORDER" -thing there is a "plasticpocket" where you can put for ex. papers etc. :''''D I know exactly where I'm gonna use it. It's going to have a special purpose, concerning to girugamesh of course ♥ 
I watched the DVD a minute ago, it includes a documents from "CRAZY TOUR IN USA" & "CRAZY TOUR IN EUROPE". Me and my friends Selma and Verna are seen in the Finland's part many times during the liveshow. :------------------DD I laughed my ass off, cried also. again. 

I do have an addiction, really. ♥

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04 August 2009 @ 04:45 pm
I'm gonna sell my hoodie/jacket and my "creepers" away 'cos I really don't use them anymore and I really need some money D:

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